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water bubble wall


Fine aqua is the leading source for bubble waterfall panels and bubble walls. We can custom design a feature to fit any space. Each bubble water wall includes spectacular color LED lighting and a wireless remote control. Engineered to last for many years, Custom bubble panels are always impressive on first sight and can leave a lasting impression on many visitors. All of our bubble walls are sealed/encapsulated for minimal maintenance and will increase the levels of Zen in any home or office! You and your guests will enjoy the soothing sounds created by our bubble panels, as well as the mesmerizing, color-changing, LED lighting!


High Transparent Acrylic MaterialSmart LED Lighting Effect with WIFI/Bluetooth/Remote ControlSupper Silent Air Pump Produce Rich Bubbles

Adding LOGO and Bar Shelves are available

Floor Standing Design & Lean Against Design & Wall Mounted Design

Used As Divider Walls Or Wall Decoration

Standard Size: Option 1: 48”W x 79”H (W122H200cm ) Option 2: 40”W x 79”H (W100H200cm )

Customized requirements pls contact us

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